Merge Push

Merge Push

With Merge Push, you may explore the depths of space! This game takes the traditional merging game that you know and love and gives it a fresh new look. This time, you're somewhere far away in space, floating in a sea of numerical values. It is your goal in this game, as it is in a typical merge game, to bring together all of the identical blocks and allow them to merge into a single block. A block with a consecutive number will be created when a block with a consecutive number is combined with another block in this game. To get the block with the number 4, for example, if you start with a block that has the number 2, you must position at least two of these blocks side by side in order to achieve the block with the number 4. It's important to remember that when you merge two blocks and create a new block, the number of blocks on both sides of the merge will rise arithmetically. As a result, you will not run out of space within the allotted period since you will receive one block from every two or three blocks. Make sure you have enough space on your computer when it gets close to becoming full. Due to the fact that when you combine specific blocks, the barrier in the table will rise, and you will receive points for each block that you combine at the same time, this will be possible. In addition, you will be given a new block, which you will arrange among the other pieces, under the grid, to complete the puzzle. It is possible to transmit the block by just clicking on the square at the location where you want it to go. You must clear your mind in order to devise successful strategies for merging numbers at this moment.

How to play

  • Click on each column to put a number block in.
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