Crazy Intersection

Crazy Intersection

Crazy Intersection is your chance to be the boss of traffic! There are too many cars on the roads, making it difficult to get from A to B quickly. Traffic and intersections are making it even more difficult. You will have something to share about this situation, won't you?

You will drive all the cars in this fun game. The main street is bustling with traffic. Many cars are parked on the street, sometimes at an excessive speed, which can lead to gridlock in certain areas. You are required to intervene with the traffic of cars coming into Main Street at intersections. Simply click on the screen whenever you feel it is appropriate for the cars awaiting to be allowed to enter Main Street traffic. Avoid a car accident by being alert for approaching cars. To complete a combination, collect the star and jump onto the blue stars. Let's find out how efficient you are as a traffic controller.

How to play

How To Play Crazy Intersection

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