Roller Ski Queen

Roller Ski Queen

Roller Ski Queen lets you play the role as the ice queen. Your dreams will soon be a reality. You must prove that you are a skilled skier. Only by winning the races and proving to everyone that your skills are unmatched, can you be crowned queen of the Ice! Do you feel up to the challenge?

You are a graceful, naive and easy-going skier who enjoys being around others. Everybody compliments you for your grace and appearance. It is important to show everyone your talents and demonstrate the disciplined artist within you. It's now time to glide gracefully across the ice platform and jump onto the ice. Keep your eyes open for obstacles and collect as many coins as possible. Injuries will not only slow down your progress but also make it impossible to pass the level. You can unlock new skins if you accumulate enough coins. To glide, use your left mouse button. To move your character, use right mouse button. Let's try to make it to the top!

How to play

How To Play Roller Ski Queen

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