ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

Save our home with ECO Inc. Save the Earth Planet from its imminent end! The unique ecosystems of our planet are too valuable to be endangered. It is a miracle that life exists on this planet. You have the opportunity to show your appreciation. Help save the planet by taking an active, significant role in the current events!

You will make all the important decisions in this game that will have a lasting impact on your life. You have three options to choose from: save the Earth, seaspiracy or climate strike. Two new gameplays are currently available. You will be able select your headquarters continent by selecting one of the options. All the rest is up to you and your selections. You can view the timelapse in upper right-hand corner on the screen. You have many options when it comes to the future nature. You can either ignore or prepare for these catastrophes. Remember that your choices will affect the lives of others. Use your resources wisely, invest in eco-friendly initiatives, and act quickly and efficiently to save the earth, the animals, as well as mother nature.

How to play

How To Play ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

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