Rider.io gives you the ability to look into the future. You love riding your bike, setting the world ablaze by your coolness and enjoying riding it. You can now ride your bike around the futuristic world of the future, and it will be a truly cool experience. Will you be willing to do whatever it takes to win in this race.

In this vibrant game, you can see how the future will shape motorbikes. All the neon lights in the area illuminate the platforms, bikes, and obstacles. Your bike is powerful. You will need to be stronger to feel the breeze, and therefore be faster than your competitors. Exciting stunts can be performed quickly. You must be careful not to crash your bike or get into any sharp objects that could cause it to go off-road. Your name will rise to the top of the leaderboard if your speed and caution are better than those of your real-time rivals. You will be the best rider around!

How to play

How To Play Rider.io