City Blocks

City Blocks

City Blocks lets you build a completely new city. You were selected to be the primary architect on a crucial project that will see construction of a new urban area to support the growing population. The more people that can live in your city, the better the project will be. So are you ready for the most important decision of your lifetime?

This is essentially a game of merge-and-match between three players. It is important to place three similar structures next to one another. You will be able build a bigger structure by combining the three smaller buildings. Click on the address on the land of the city where you wish to construct the new building. The three new buildings will be visible from the platform that is adjacent to the land. It is important to make smart decisions when building large structures. This will ensure that you don't have too many smaller buildings and not take up space. An architect who is able to manage the pressure while conserving space will result in a greater number of citizens for your city. You can't be in the right place on your city land anymore, so let's find out how many citizens you have!

How to play

How To Play City Blocks

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