Summer Fashion Makeover

Summer Fashion Makeover

Summer Fashion Makeover is a way to help your friend save summer plans. Summer is a favourite season and many people have high expectations for summer activities. Although you know your friend has similar plans to summer, it is possible that she needs some assistance with her appearance. Is it possible to help your friend at this moment?

You will save your friend's life by playing this game. Because she has been home for so long, she may have let some things go. Her skin needs proper care and her wardrobe requires a complete makeover. By allowing her to enjoy a relaxing session of self-care, apply her makeup and select new clothes, you can finally help her improve her natural beauty. After the session, she'll be ready for the summer and eager to go to the beach. So that you can show her off as a stylist or friend, make sure you take great photos!

How to play

How To Play Summer Fashion Makeover

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