TrackMania Blitz

TrackMania Blitz

Trackmania Blitz will amaze everyone! It's time for a global competition to find the best trackmania blitzers in the world. Now, take your place, grip the steering wheel, and push the accelerator! You must remember that winning the most important race of the planet will require you giving everything.

This game will take your on an exciting adventure that's packed full of thrills and excitement. You will be competing in a tough race. Believe in yourself! You can do almost anything with good driving skills in a race car. You can simply drift your car around curves and find the most efficient rotation to take it to your destination. Your car will automatically accelerate. Left-click on the side where you want your car to drift. You are at risk of losing the competition if your name turns red. The car that finishes the most laps is the one to be eliminated. You can visit the game on a daily basis to collect coins and new race cars. To unlock new cars and compete against other players in leagues, you can spend the coins however you like. Do not be discouraged if you lose a race. Enjoy the race and cheer on your real-life teammates even after you're eliminated. You are invited to join this exciting journey. Check out your position among the best players worldwide and find out where you stand.

How to play

How To Play TrackMania Blitz

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