Merge Dreams

Merge Dreams

Merge Dreams is a place where you can find yourself in a dreamy universe. It was like everything suddenly changed to a magical dream, even though you were still managing your own business and tending to your beautiful garden. It will not be easy. Are you ready to take control of your story and write it?

You will be combining items to progress through these intricate puzzle levels. This captivating storyline is probably familiar to you from a favorite movie or book. Alice and her friends are available to join you on your fantastical journey through this land of dreams. The puzzles will assist you in moving from one area to the next as you play through the game. In order to solve the puzzles you will have to merge items in order get the highest quality item. There will be magical items, such as the potion which shrinks you, or other interesting plotlines. You will be amazed at the places you'll end up at the end of this story.

How to play

How To Play Merge Dreams

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