Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

Gangster Hero Grand Simulator lets you create your own bandit to embark on a thrilling adventure. You will have to become a bandit in order to survive this dangerous city. Grab your weapons now and run! Is it possible to save your life in this city and still survive?

You can customize your character's appearance in this thrilling game with amazing 3D graphics. You will have to live in the streets after you purchase your weapon. There will be many people who will attack and threaten you. You must defend yourself against them. Keep in mind that each shot you succeed will bring you a monetary bonus! That money can be used for upgrades to your cars, weapons, or even your character's appearance. You have the opportunity to explore every corner of this amazing city, that has been beautifully designed for you with the most graphically-stylized graphics.

This exciting gangster video was fun! You may also enjoy our other shooting games.

How to play

How To Play Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

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