Snowboard Kings 2022

Snowboard Kings 2022

Snowboard Kings 2022 will test your skills and show you're the true king of the powder. Because you are a well-known snowboarder, your invitation was extended to participate in the world-famous snowboard competition. You're now allowed to demonstrate your skiing skills by ski-jumping down the snow mountain.

You will be able see dangerous mountain parkour in a bird's-eye view. Your character is equipped with a snowboard that can take him to the top. Simply use the arrow keys to carve through the curves. By pressing the spacebar, you can increase your speed at any moment. You will be able upgrade your snowboarding skills by collecting all coins. You can improve both your carving and speed as well as stability. Make sure you are able to navigate the snow bumps and gradle with ease. Do not fall on the rocks to avoid failure. Keep going until you are satisfied!

How to play

How To Play Snowboard Kings 2022

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