Jungle Run OZ

Jungle Run OZ

Jungle Run OZ is yours to keep. You will be described as a grumpy person if you are a violent monster with a bad temper. It is normal to feel angry at a youngster who steals your precious potion. Do you feel the time is right to flee your home in order to retrieve your potion?

A mischievous youngster made a joke of you and got your potion. It's not as funny as it seems, however, because you desperately need the potion and this boy is fast. Therefore, you will need to flee the forest through stone bridges. But be careful of the many booby traps. If you get in touch with a trap, your level will be canceled. You must collect all of the yellow drops that the young boy throws at you. You will earn more points for each potion that you get back. You can unlock zombies that you want to play as or modify your character with mutations. Your efforts will pay off! See how far your character can go and how many potion bottles you'll have.

This platform game was entertaining and has gripping graphics. You can also explore our running games collection for many other options.

How to play

How To Play Jungle Run OZ

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