Bob The Robber 4: Season 1 France

Bob The Robber 4: Season 1 France

This time, Bob the Robber is about to France to attempt to create a lot of money. His stealth and stealing skills are once more analyzed but with a larger challenge. Steer clear of the safety cameras along with the guards or you could get arrested. You could even hide from the shadow and knock out the guard from behind. 

Select the lock to open the locked door and do not forget to check each of the items to discover some cash. Steal the goal thing and go to the entrance door to finish the mission. Use the money to purchase new gadgets and gadgets that will assist you with your assignment. Each assignment has a different challenge, try to watch your environment carefully first before making your relocation. Would you help Bob to successfully overcome France's challenge? Great luck! 


How to play

You only need mouse to play this game. You start it by clicking "Play". If you cannot wait to enjoy it anymore, you can ignore the introduction. Use the right and left to move. Use the Up arrow to carry out any actions.


Tips & Tricks

  • Hide as quick as possible
  • Memorize  all the codes  carefully
  • Act in a fastest way if you can to earn much money for buying equipment and new clothes.