Train will take your on a completely new journey! Choof, choof, choof! You could play the role as a conductor in this new puzzle game. This will require you to manage a puzzle game, as well as keeping track of the route taken by the train. Can you manage all of this simultaneously?

There will be a number of levels that you can choose from, each with its own maze. These mazes can be used to create miniature representations of neighborhoods. There will be many people waiting to catch the train. It is your responsibility not to cross the street and pick up everyone one by one. You can choose the direction that you will move when presented with the choice at each confluence point. You can now move to the next stage if you have managed to get everyone on your block to board your train. For every successful attempt, you will be rewarded with a monetary award. The money you earn can be used for new trains. This game is relaxing and enjoyable. You can see all levels. However, a word of caution is recommended. Each person added to the train makes it longer. Plan your moves carefully so you don't cause any accidents.

How to play

How To Play Train

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