Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour

Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour

In this crazy stunts game, you must be as fast as possible in order to complete the stages in the smallest amount of time. There are more than 40 levels to complete. In this dirt bike game, you may perform outrageous stunts and earn stars. Using in-game currency gained via gameplay, you may upgrade your motocross bike and reset levels to set new records. Extreme racing with a physics-based approach is being developed. Because there is no Trial frontier, it is critical to experience the stunts and obstacles. You must execute as many somersaults as possible throughout the stages in order to get new motorcycles, which involves the employment of crazy abilities in order to earn them. Brand new Motocross and BMX bikes are available for purchase. Update! Set a new record and smash the existing one! Keep a look out for more than 50 episodes, and make every effort to achieve the highest possible score on every level until then.

How to play

  • WASD or Arrow Keys.
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