About Human Vehicle

In Human Vehicle, you may travel long distances with the assistance of your pals. You've probably heard the expression "two heads are better than one." Moreover, if you gather a large number of your friends, you will have much more ability to cover a greater distance together. You may decide to run the entire length of the road by yourself. However, if you ask us, that wouldn't make much sense when you had a slew of buddies flashing their hands in your direction. With each new buddy you meet, you have a better chance of convincing them to accompany you on your journey. Diamonds will be available for you to acquire along the road, where you will meet many other stickman companions. Those diamonds will allow you to purchase additional talents that will allow you to create various cars with your pals. By starting with only one single monowheel, you can build everything from an automobile to a motorcycle, a hoverboard, and even a bus in a short amount of time. Most of those vehicles will have be unlocked for you, but you will always have the option to use your diamonds to unlock other vehicles if you like. You will encounter a lot of problems along the way, which you must solve in order to continue. It is likely that you will have to drop your friends as a result of these issues, so make sure you have a sufficient number of friends from the route before you go. Make sure to gather the additional diamonds that are given out as prizes at the conclusion of each level as well! Start driving, putting together your vehicles with your friends, and finishing all of the levels!

How to play Human Vehicle

  • Tap to Start Slide to control.


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