Pop It Master

Pop It Master

Pop It Master is now ready to relieve you of the stress that has been building up throughout the week! Whenever you're ready, let's meet the widely used stress reliever! Because of the 80 distinct shapes and colors on the screen, you will be unable to look away! Have a good time!

We believe there is no one left who hasn't heard of the extremely popular stress toy that has recently gained popularity! It is the most effective stress-relieving technique available, and it is ideal for people of any age! To play this game, you will just require your mouse. Let's get started with the game if you're ready to learn about more than 80 different shapes and colors. There are no levels to complete or unlock, so you may start with any of the forms you like. To earn the maximum possible score and go to the next shape, you must first click on all of the bubbles to explode them. In addition to the standard flower and pineapple shapes, there are several more options. As long as you maintain complete concentration on the screen and turn up the volume of the game's sound, you can be certain that there will be nothing to worry about when you stop playing. If you're ready, let's get started with a simple game to help you unwind after a long day at school or at work! Have a wonderful time!

How to play

  • Click on all the bumps to open the next toy!
  • Collect all 140 toys to unlock Secret Mode!
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